Last night I read a book to Christian called “There’s No Such Thing As A Dragon” by Jack Kent. He obviously enjoys the story and the pictures but it struck me how insightful the story really is.

The premise of the book (spoiler alert) is a boy, Billy Bixbee who wakes up one morning and discovers a tiny dragon in his room. He tells his mother about the dragon who in no uncertain terms says to him that there’s no such thing as a dragon. The longer they ignore the dragon, the bigger it grows until it runs off with the house. It doesn’t go back to being kitten sized again until they pay attention to it.

It struck me how often we ignore issues in our lives which then grow out of control and all we need to do it pay attention to it. This is I think is applicable to autism too. Though we are still finding it hard to recognise which issues are down to Christian’s autism and which are him just being a boy, when we pay attention to the issues they seem to shrink and become manageable again.

It does feel like there are many issues around ASD are tiny little dragons that are manageable, as long as you pay attention to them.