Somewhere deep inside of me I’ve always somewhat looked down on people who feel compelled to start a blog as a way of dealing with some kind of personal struggle or tragedy. I don’t really know why though, seeing as how I’m the kind of blabby idiot who needs to discuss every fleeting thought that pops into my silly little head with whoever is within earshot. Whether they want to talk to me about it or not.

My name is Verster du Plessis, and I’m the dad of an autistic boy. I’m using this blog as a way to organise my thoughts and help me deal with the day to day challenges of raising an ASD child. I called it Yak Yak Dad in honour of Temple Grandin’s quote below.

Disclaimer: I can guarantee that I will quite often be wrong. I may also say and do stupid stuff. That’s how we learn. All progress is based on eliminating errors, which requires a certain amount of error as a starting point. I’m one big, fat starting point.