One thing I’ve neglected to mention is the I have ADHD. It’s something I was diagnosed with as a child and is one of the lucky few (yay!) that carried it through into adulthood. Is ADHD and ASD related? Could it have made Christian’s ASD more likely (OMG it’s may fault! 😃 )

I was very lucky to have loads of help to deal with my ADHD. I have systems and ways of organising my life that help me cope and get stuff done. It basically comes down to “write shit down because you will forget otherwise, thicko.”Because I need to write stuff down in order to process information I’ve become a bit reliant on creating structures and frameworks, so I will have to approach Christian’s ASD in the same way.

Note that this is a first draft and will expand or change quite a lot as I add stuff into the framework. This is a constant work in progress but I think it will help me a lot to keep my thoughts organised.

I’ve decided to arrange the framework into 3 sections, which basically comes down to learning, doing and talking. The three main sections are:

  • Research Under this section I will list topics, authors or speakers I want to check out.


  • Action point
    This section will be things I want to do with Christian to help with his development. Ideally this will be based on research from the list above but this may not always be the case.


  • Activism
    I hope to share what I’ve learnt as much as I can. I’m not sure what shape it will take yet, but I think repurposing all the information I gather along the way will be a great way to cement the learning and hopefully be of use to someone else too.

So there you have it. It may change. It may grow but this is a quick snapshot of where I am at the moment.